Reporting on divorce finances banned to save ‘embarrassment’

A judge recently banned reporting details of a divorce on the grounds of human rights, when the father of the husband stated it would cause him embarrassment and ruin his career.

Newspaper solicitors disagreed with this notion claiming that the financial arrangements disclosed in the High Court papers should be printed due to the “serious public interest”.

However, District judge Hilary Bradley ruled the information had been provided “under compulsion” and the family was “clearly anxious” about making them public.

The judge said that the “direct conflict” amongst the right to press freedom and the right for a private life should be kept confidential.  She also prohibited the publication of details for a “business enterprise” which involved the son as he argued, “publicity would be damaging”.

Judge Bradley wrote in a judgment: “It is entirely understandable that the media are interested in this case and having heard the evidence are very keen to be able to report what they have learned.

The husbands divorce solicitors in London wanted reporters banned from the courtroom but his wish was rejected.  However, the judge ruled in the couples favor and decided privacy should be maintained.

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