K (A Child: Wardship: Publicity) (No.2) [2013] EWHC 378 (Fam) (08 November 2013)

The Court gave adoptive parents of a child ‘Katie’ who is a ward of court permission to identify themselves as MG and FG the parents of ‘Katie’ in any discussions with the media and permission to refer by name to Jane Dunne (a social work Team Manager), Andy Waugh (Jane Dunne’s manager), Andy Pepper (Deputy Director of Social Services), Colin Green (at the relevant time the Director of Children’s Services) and Bob Dhammi (the Independent Reviewing Officer).

A v A [2013] EWHC 3554 (Fam) (07 November 2013)

The Court made s.37 ICOs in respect of three children returned to the jurisdiction from Pakistan within a long-running very difficult case. The youngest sibling a 3 year old had not been returned to the jurisdiction. The Court held that the children were suffering significant harm as a result of emotional pressure and a false history (believing their Mother to have abandoned them) given to them by the Father.

L (Leave to Oppose Making of Adoption Order) [2013] EWCA Civ 1481 (21 November 2013)

The CA allowed a Mother’s appeal against the refusal of leave to oppose the making of an Adoption Order in circumstances where the prospective adopters had separated and the prospective adoptive mother no longer sought an Adoption Order. The CA held that the Mother’s case should be considered side by side with the other options for the child at the Adoption hearing and that she should be granted leave.