What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Divorce in the U.S.?

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A lot can happen in a marriage after a couple says, “I do.” Some marriages are strong enough to withstand the blows of life while other marriages are more fragile and eventually end in divorce. Of the marriages that end in divorce, there tends to be some common issues in the marriage that ultimately lead to a divorce.

Here is a look at the most common causes of divorce that experienced divorce attorneys typically see.

Lack of Communication

Communication issues can start out small, but if left unchecked, they can morph into problems of epic proportions. It’s crucial that a couple always strives to communicate in the most effective way for their relationship, but many couples are completely lost on how to communicate effectively.

It can take a lifetime to understand the right way to communicate with your spouse, and if one or both of you is not willing to put in the work, misunderstandings can lead to divorce.

Making the Wrong Choice

Some people marry wrong. Some people know they’re marrying the wrong person, but they do it anyway.

The reasons are endless: Maybe you marry for security but not love. Maybe you feel this is the best you’re going to get. Maybe your family pressures you to get married. Maybe you change your mind at the last minute, but are too afraid to cancel wedding plans.

Knowing you’ve made the wrong choice is difficult. As time goes on, sticking it out can be more than a couple can handle.

Identity Issues

Both members of the couple need to know who they are before and during a marriage. If one partner consistently acquiesces to the needs and wants of the other partner, identity can be lost. This leads to an unfulfilling relationship – for both partners – and it can be incredibly difficult to salvage the relationship.


Adding children to a marriage is one of the happiest events in many marriages. However, major adjustments will need to be made to accommodate children and all they bring. Unfortunately, not all marriages are prepared for those adjustments.

Children require more sacrifice, more heartache, and more decision making. If a couple can’t get on the same page about these new elements, it can lead to divorce.


Communication is so important when it comes to expectations. We all have expectations of how our partner will behave, what our marriage will look like, where we’ll live, who will manage the housework, etc. If those expectations aren’t discussed, it can lead to huge misunderstandings and unfulfilled feelings.


Financial setbacks can be demoralizing and soul-crushing. If you’re not on the same page with your spouse, you both will cope in your own ways — which will lead you further and further apart.

Even if you never experience huge financial setbacks, finances can be a major issue in a marriage. If you love to spend, but your partner loves to save, there will be arguments and resentment. Overcoming those emotions is sometimes too much for some couples.


Intimacy fosters love and trust. If you neglect this important aspect of a marriage, the other elements of your relationship — like fun, communication, finances, and more — can crumble.

Nobody wants to face divorce, and most will work hard to avoid that devastating conclusion to a marriage. But if you find yourself facing divorce, look for an experienced local divorce attorney to get the best possible outcome for you.